Susan Birch - Nutrition and Exercise Specialist

Fill Seats At Your Next Event

Are you looking for a speaker who can connect with your audience and break down the complicated issues of health, food and wellness so that everyone gets it?

Susan is a sought-after speaker for groups, conferences and special events where you want your audience to come away with a new way of thinking about their health and wellbeing.

Specialist topics include:

  • Why Fat is Not Your Fault
  • Always Hungry?
  • Women's Wellness
  • High-Performance Training and Nutrition

Because of Susan's extensive knowledge, she is able to customise her talks to meet special requirements.


Susan was our first speaker of the day at Beauty Tech Conference 2016, she opened the session with an interactive and very engaging topic that struck a chord with our audience. Susan was rated one of our best guest speakers over the two-day event and we were delighted to have access to her knowledge about functional nutrition and her “test don’t guess” process. ~Ruth Nicholson - Event Director, Beauty Tech Ltd

"I really enjoyed listening to Sue’s presentation. She's a great speaker with lots of passion for educating women. Her talk was pitched at a level that was easy to follow and understand and I would highly recommend going along to listen to her” ~Kate Bone - Owner, Love your Bones Osteopathy.