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Does high cholesterol mean I will have a heart attack?

high cholesterol and heart attacks

Cholesterol gets a bad rap. If you’ve ever had a ‘high cholesterol’ blood test result it’s likely you’ve also been told that a diet low in fat may help reduce your cholesterol levels and potentially reduce the risk of a heart attack. This can offer little comfort, particularly when that diet doesn’t make an ounce…

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Changing behaviours for improved health

The beginning of a new year is a great time for reflection of the past and the possibility of new beginnings. My reflections for 2018 include moments of joy; with beautiful weddings and the birth of a new grandson. It has also been a year filled with sorrow – with the loss of some very…

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Q&A – Weight Loss

Susan Birch - Real Health Blog - Weight Loss

  I’m eating well and exercising so why am I not losing weight? Is it true that I need to burn more calories than I put in to lose weight? Why can some people eat a lot and be really skinny and others hardly eat anything and are overweight?   In today’s Q&A session we…

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Are you unwell or is it just your age?

Susan Birch - Real Health Blog

Her GP said “there’s nothing wrong it’s just what happens at your age”   Rachel lives an incredibly healthy lifestyle. She eats organic foods, plenty of fruit and vegetables, does a good amount of exercise, loves her work, and has joy in her life. It wasn’t until a staph infection landed her at her GP’s…

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Are your symptoms getting all the attention?

Are your symptoms getting all the attention? The Real Health Blog with Susan Birch

The end of another year is almost upon us and it’s a great time to take stock and celebrate all that you have achieved. It’s also a time to notice those things that were left on the shelf for when you had more time. Those are the things that fall into one of two categories 1)…

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Cleaning out toxins from your body

FAD (Fast and Dirty) diets are everywhere. Just Google latest diet trends and the responses you get will blow your socks off.  These diets come with many claims to ‘fix’ your weight issues. They often go through various transformations and one that is regularly revived is the detox diet, sometimes called the “cleanse”. The goal is…

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Conventional Medicine versus Alternate Health

Recently I wrote about how to find the right health practitioner which came about after attending a lecture on “Adjunct treatments for chronic disease” by Professor Luis Vettita from Sydney University. In attendance were many GP’s who are now practicing alternative medicine. This was refreshing to see because there has been a lot of resistance from…

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How to choose the right Alternate Health Practitioner

After attending a lecture on “Adjunct treatments for chronic disease” by Professor Luis Vetitta from Sydney University it was pleasing to see so many GP’s who are practicing alternate medicine in attendance. They discussed the negativity they experience from their conventional medicine colleagues. Dr Vetitta summed it up saying “sometimes I am embarrassed by my…

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What’s the real cause of Type-2 Diabetes?

A woman contacted me after reading an earlier blog I wrote on diabetes. She is 53 years old and was diagnosed with type-2 diabetes about 18 months ago. She found the information I discussed was different from that of the diabetes clinic and her doctor. This woman’s story was typical of the people I work with.…

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Living well with fibromyalgia Anne knew something was not right. But it wasn’t an easy road to discovering that she had fibromyalgia and how to manage it without medication and its side effects. 3 years ago Anne was finding that her body was aching after gardening, computer work, driving and the odd water ski. She didn’t think too…

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