Meet Susan

Susan Birch isn't just a personal trainer or a nutritionist or any other of the many titles she's been labelled with. Susan Birch is so much more than that.

Since she was a child, Susan learnt that if you want something different for yourself, you needed to first get clear on what it was and then go and do something about it.

She's applied this philosophy to over 20 years in the fitness industry and discovered along the way an intriguing thread that connected exercise, nutrition and optimal health.

Susan is used to leading the way. She opened the first ever 24-hour gym in New Zealand and designed the very first high-intensity training programme. Her success has come from her constant willingness to learn and open her mind to the changing face of health and helping people to live their very best lives.

Her studies have taken her around the world and she has learnt from the best. She is passionate about informing and educating her clients while understanding what it is they need to live a full and long life.

When she's not working with clients to help them feel energised and in optimal health, Susan can be found kayaking on her local river, mountain biking, hanging out with her kids or walking her beautiful dog.

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susan birch nutrition and exercise specialist

Susan's Qualifications


  • Master Health Sciences
  • Post-Graduate Diploma Sports Medicine
  • Post-Graduate Diploma Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation
  • Post-Graduate Diploma COP Musculoskeletal Medicine
  • Post-Graduate Diploma COP Community Nutrition



  • Member Institute of Functional Medicine (Washington, USA)
  • Diplomate in Clinical Nutrition - in progress (American Board of Clinical Nutrition)
  • Functional Physiology, Biochemistry, Nutrition – in progress (Washington, USA)
  • ADAPT Practitioner – in progress (Kresser Institute, California, USA)
  • Kalish Method Practitioner (Kalish Institute, California, USA)
  • SIBO Practitioner (Melbourne, Australia)
  • Gluten Society Practitioner (Gluten Society, Texas, USA)


  • Blood Chemistry Analysis
  • Saliva Hormone Testing
  • DUTCH Testing
  • Comprehensive Stool Testing
  • SIBO Breath Testing
  • Organic Acids Testing
susan birch nutrition and exercise specialist