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Living well with fibromyalgia

By admin | Jun 30, 2017

Anne knew something was not right. But it wasn’t an easy road to discovering that she had fibromyalgia and how to manage it without medication and its side effects. 3 years ago Anne was finding that her body was aching after gardening, computer work, driving and the odd water ski. She didn’t think too much…

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Client Interview with Susan Birch

By admin | Jun 5, 2017

  Roy had been in pretty good health for most of his life but for as long as he could remember he’d had a ‘dodgy stomach’. Injuries had caused him to take a fair few anti-inflammatories and pain killers so he could keep active and working on his lifestyle block. But things were progressively getting worse and…

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The War On Fat

By admin | Apr 18, 2017

For almost 30-years I have been on an incredible journey of education and discovery about fat – all because a friend couldn’t lose weight and I wanted to know why. What I have learned has taught me enormous respect for the human body.  It is truly remarkable.   The more I understand, the more compassion I…

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Are dairy foods and red meat really the enemy?

By admin | Mar 31, 2017

Recently, the media reported how doctors in Gisborne have been using a ‘real food’ diet to improve the health of patients with Type II diabetes and high cardiovascular risk. It was a high-carb, low-fat diet that eliminated red meat and dairy and focused on fresh vegetables and fruit, grains, cereals, legumes and nuts. The goal…

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Weight loss..the only way to keep it off for good

By admin | Feb 13, 2017

Have you seen the latest? The all new “Blast the Fat” and the real “Fat-loss Training System” diet trends for 2017. These ‘new and improved’ diets are all designed to make you feel inspired about achieving your weight loss goals. However, there’s something these diets will never be able to achieve…lasting weight loss. Sucks doesn’t…

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Lessons From My Dad

By admin | Jan 22, 2017

The beginning of a new year is an opportunity to reflect back on our lives, assess what is important and to think about how we want the future to look. Looking back on 2016 feels good. It was a year where I had satisfaction in achieving some of my goals and I’m feeling positive about…

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Is now the right time to lose weight?

By admin | Dec 1, 2016

Unless you are one of the genetically gifted few, you’ve probably looked in the mirror at some stage and thought – yuck – far too many wobbly, sticky out bits – I need to lose some weight.  With summer here, the first foray into shorts and skirts can be a heart thumping moment.  When pale…

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Are supplements doing you more harm than good?

By admin | Nov 10, 2016

I have just caught an advert on the television for a children’s multi-vitamin that caused me to pause, think for a few moments and then look up the ingredients. This is a topic I have been turning a blind eye to for quite a while because it is fraught with controversy. However, as an advocate…

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Getting the Most Out of Exercise

By admin | Jul 20, 2016

Exercise can be a wonderful tool – helping you to feel great. Or it can be a drag, requiring endless will power and determination to keep going. To help you understand what exercise is doing for you right now, go through the lists below and answer YES or NO: Fitness and training • I just…

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